Friday, August 15, 2008

Done...and in record time!

Well, it isn't fancy, but it's done. Took me about an hour to put this together last night. Not much for embellishments but I bet Great Grandma won't mind! As it turns out Colin won't leave until tomorrow but today is crazy with trying to get the kids and I ready for Vancouver tomorrow that I knew I better finish it last night. It's a clear envelope brag book. The instructions can be found at in the projects area. They are super simple and use the clear envelopes sold by Stampin' Up. I used 5 envelopes for this one so there was room for 10 pics. I won't include them all. Sorry that the quality of pics isn't great - again - not much time today!

We had planned to go to Vancouver as a family this weekend but with the passing of Colin's grandfather we had to rearrange things. So, my sister in law and nephew (who will be 2 in a couple weeks) will join us instead. Should be lots of fun (although we will miss Daddy!). We don't have any big plans, just a trip to Granville Island, the aquarium, and a visit with my cousin whom I haven't see in about 4 years. Not sure that I will be posting while I am away, and I don't have anything loaded to auto-post as of now. Maybe I will find some time later today to do that. If not, I will be back next Wednesday! Enjoy your weekend.

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