Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sweet Treat

Isn't this cute? It is a modified 2-4-6-8 box. Here's how I made it:
Cut a piece of transparency so it is 4 1/4" x 10" (You could make it taller or shorter by changing the 4 1/4" measurement)
Score at every 2" along the 10" side. You will need to use your bone folder to fold sides in after scoring as it is tough to fold.
Use a small amount of snail on the 2 ends and fold into a box and stick sides together (one will completely overlap)
For the base and top do 2 of these:
3" x 3" piece of cardstock or paper
Score at 1/2" along each side. *A little less than 1/2" is better than a little more. If it's scored too small then it will not fit.*
On 2 opposite sides cut along the 2 small score lines
Fold edges in. Put a small amount of snail on the small flaps and tuck them inside.
Use one as the top and one as the bottom of the box. I adhered the bottom one on with some snail.
Hershey Kisses are quite heavy. A lighter weight candy may work a little better but the bottom still sticks even with the kisses.
I decorated with some ribbon, a tag, and the new heart punch. All done in Real Red and Silver cardstock. "Love" is stamped in silver.
If you cannot follow these direction and need some help please feel free to contact me! Just leave a comment and I will help you out. I can always post a picture tutorial or maybe even a video if need be.

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