Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Not Again!

So for those who visit my blog on a regular basis, you may recall that I was in a car accident this summer (a guy turned in front of me as I was going thru an intersection). My van was a write off and I got a beautiful new Volvo S80 that I love. Well, today I was in another accident. Again, totally not my fault. A guy had stopped at a stop sign and I was driving past on a secondary highway and I guess he decided to go without looking and drove right into the driver's side of my beautiful new car. I don't think he expected to hear the words that came out of my mouth when I finally managed to climb out the passenger side door! I am still so angry right now. We are not sure, but the car is likely a write off. What are the chances that I would go through life with no car accidents and then have 2 in just over 4 months? And pretty major ones, too. Sheesh. The blessing is that I was alone, my injuries are minor and I was able to walk away. I don't even want to think about what would have happened if he hadn't stopped in the first place, especially since he was driving a large delivery truck. I can guarantee I would not be posting right now! And the really scary thing is that my brother was in an accident at that exact corner 3 years ago and was nearly killed It was his big beautiful dog riding in the passenger side seat that saved his life. Unfortunately Okeet did not survive. Anyway, this is not the post I had planned for today but that's life. I just hope everyone reading this will take a little more caution the next time they head out on the road...
Hopefully I will feel like stamping tomorrow.

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Alesha Walls said...

I am so sorry to read about your accident! I hope that you're doing better now - and that you've got some new wheels!