Friday, December 19, 2008

Gifts Galore

I spent most of last night madly finishing teacher gifts. I had planned to do them much earlier but the accident set me back so last night I powered through. I made several of the note boxes for teacher assistants, the music teacher, librarian... Found the them at a dollar store ages ago and just covered the top and inside of the cover with some paper and added a few embelishments here and there depending on the paper. The one with the notes was, of course, for the music teacher. I made matching pens for all of them too, but the music one is the only one that I beaded. I also made these fabulous gift card holders that I gave to their classroom teachers along with a DVD tin album and a set of tile coasters. So easy! Just used the top note die for the big shot and a brad! The inside has a top note cut in half and adhered along the edges to the bottom top note. The brad allows the top to swing open. The last picture is of a card my mother in law sent to each of my kids. Isn't he cute?

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