Thursday, September 11, 2008

DVD tin Notepad

This is one of the DVD tin projects I have been working on. I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I love the colours! I used my little calendar stamp on post-it notes. The beads from the pen came from my local dollar store (Dollarama). They have several colours...of course I bought them all...but at 2 for $1 how can you go wrong? There are enough beads to make at least 6 pens I would say. The notepad is one from Wal-Mart. It's 5x8 but they need to be 5x7. I just cut it down myself (which was done in stages because it's so thick) but I will be taking my other ones to Staples to see if they will cut them down for me. Next time I will just buy the pads at Staples! I am in the middle of a massive craft clean up. I cannot wait for my new crafting studio! (Still a long way about 8 months!) I am trying to get somewhat organized so that when it's time to move it will be easier to pack. We are *hoping* that the house will be started next week. I am so anxious for that hole in the ground! Not sure how much stamping I will do tonight as it's "meet the teacher night" at school.


Sandra said...

This is beautiful! I'm always looking for ideas for my grade 2 students to make for their parents as gifts. I found your blog through SCS and I have to admit that Dollarama is an addiction for me.

Galleria said...

Hi Sandra this is a very nice project. Did you glue the pads to the tin? I am just wondering how this tin can be reused if the cardboard is glued to the tin or if a new pad can be glued again?

Leanne said...

Yes, you can put in a new notepad when you run out of paper. I did stick this one in just to keep it in place but it can certainly be replaced. Thanks for visiting my blog!