Sunday, July 27, 2008

Getting Organized

As we prepare to sell the house (still deciding when to list) I have been doing lots of cleaning and organizing. One thing that needed to be organized was all my small embellishments. I thought that this would be perfect. DH has one for nuts, bolts, nails, etc. and every time I see it I think, "I could use one of those!" So, on our way home from Costco yesterday we stopped by Canadian Tire and picked this one up. I used my large oval punch to punch cardstock the same colour as the buttons, brads, and eyelets in each drawer. I still may label them with the actual colour and put them in alphabetical order. (I can be a little anal that spice rack is alphabetized, too.) The larger drawers have some metal edged tags, linen thread, cutting blades, non su-eyelets, ink cartidges, and other assorted odds and ends. I think I will be much more inclined to use these now that they are organized, accessible, and where I can see them. I have also started to re-organized some cardstock and designer paper. I have a great system for 8 1/2 x 11 but not so much for 12 x 12 so I am working on that now. I may have a project to post later, depending on how the organizing goes and how much I can get done as Parker is now sick with the same fever Jenna had a few days ago.

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