Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Ughh! What a fall this has been. I still have the last little tickle in my throat from my cold/flu (3 1/2 weeks now) and my kids have both been sick over the past week. Poor little Jenna has been sick for a week! A terrible stomach flu...not fun. I am hoping she is finally over it but we will see what tonight brings. We have yet to sleep through a night since last Tuesday. With all the illness in the house and a zillion other things going on I haven't had much time to stamp. I am almost done a baby board album for a friend, though, so I hope to post that tomorrow. I actually did have some time last night to stamp but I chose instead to clean out my pantry. It was such a disaster. But now it is so clean and tidy. I smile every time I open the door! I am slowly trying to clean out all the closets and "hiding" spaces so that when it's time to list the house I don't have as much work to do. The new house is coming along really well. The framing is done and they are working on the roof. Our roof is kind of crazy and very complicated so it is taking some time. There are places that are so steep one of the roofers is too scared to go up on it! I will post some pics soon. I am now off to bed as I have been up since 5am.

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