Monday, June 22, 2009

New Studio

This is where I keep my stamps now...we no longer need it in our room so this was the perfect place.

This is my stamping space...and my new catty!

I got this great file holder at Costco. Works great for all my 81/2x11 cardstock. There are also shelves and drawers below.

The cutting and Big Shot station. I think I am going to set up another table to separate them. Not quite enough room. This also holds my scrap bins. I have 5: oranges/yellows/browns, blues/purples, reds/pinks, greens, and neutrals.

I uses these Ikea shelves/dressers for all my ribbons and other accessories. The drawers are full of alterable items, extra snails, glue, etc., bags, tissue paper, etc, etc. The drawers on the right are for my punches.

The room is about 25 feet long. I have room for up to 16 stampers. There are 3 lights and plug ins on each side of the room plus pot lights in the ceiling. There are no windows in this room which I like because I never have to worry about colours fading when I leave projects or paper out.


Tisha said...

I have some restaurant bistro chairs that I have used in the yard, and have no use for now. There are 7 of them. Would you like them for your studio? I spraypainted them lime green, but you could change that easily. I even have little black and white IKEA cushions for them so they're not so hard on the tush. They're nice and small so would tuck away when you're not using them. Let me know.

Alesha Walls said...

Beautiful space!