Monday, February 16, 2009

Brayer Fun

I saw a great post on Julie's blog (Paper Pleasing Ideas) on using a brayer to make a sunset-type background. I totally cased the first card. It is Pink Pirouette and Cameo Coral. The second one just uses the Cameo paper. The third card is my own design. We will be making the third one at my workshop next weekend. The technique is really easy. Choose a lighter and darker shade of the same colour. Ink half the brayer in the lighter colour and then the other half in the darker. You must do it in this order or you will get the darker ink on the lighter pad and that is bad! Brayer across glossy white cardstock. Keep going back and forth until you get the colour you want. The one I designed is Tangerine Tango with Apricot Appeal. Then use Stazon Ink to stamp the black image. Be careful though as it's a little slippery. My last one kind of smudged a little (on the right).


Anonymous said...

The card you made is beautiful. Do you mind if I use it for a shoebox swap? You do nice work!

Leanne said...

I don't mind at all. Glad you like it!