Thursday, March 26, 2009

Party Invites

It has been ages since I stamped! I whipped these up tonight for my daughter's 7th birthday party next weekend. Since it's spring break here next week we need to get them out tomorrow. We did pink for the girls and turquoise for the boys. I got to use my new Texurz pads which was fun. The Chocolate Chip piece on the front is polka-dot textured.

I hope to get to do more stamping soon. Unfortunately I need to make 2 sympathy cards, but thankfully not 3. My brother in law was caught in an avalanche this week and while he escaped unharmed the two he was with did not make it out. We are deeply saddened by this loss as they were all very close. My heart goes out to the two widows and their children. One was my son's first grade teacher who is also pregnant with her second child and the other is left with 4 young children. It is just so tragic.

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